Our Hemming Service

Many of the brands we carry use old style industrial and labour intensive sewing machines to construct their jeans.
The Union Special 43200g dating back to the 1930s is one essential part of that kit.

It works at an angle of 45 degrees as it pushes and pulls to create the chain stitch.
This pressure creates the much prized roping effect. An essential detail for those who are serious about their denim and its construction.

We sourced our own 43200g from California from a passionate collector of vintage sewing machines. 
Its history is a mystery, but its condition is amazing considering it was made in 1950.

We can hem your jeans to any length required. Just complete the message box on the check out page informing us. 
Remember if the jeans are unsanforized they are going to lose about 1.5 to 3 inches or 10% in length, depending on the brand, after an initial soak or wash. 
Sanforized jeans will shrink much less. A longer hem allows you to cuff and stack giving you some flexibility in the style you wear your jeans. 
Bear in mind we cannot refund or exchange any goods that have been altered this way.

Hemming is complimentary on any jeans bought in store and online. We also offer a hemming service on jeans not purchased from us at a charge of £20.

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