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The first rule of buying jeans online is never to choose your size based on a brand you have previously worn. You’re bound to get it wrong. 

Sizing varies considerably between different styles and products. It is not uncommon for our customers to vary over 3 or 4 waist sizes depending on the brand.

Grab a pair of jeans, a shirt or a jacket that fit you well and measure them according to this guide; this is how we measure for jean size and shirts. 

Once you’ve found your measurements, cross reference your findings with our size chart - which can be found on every product page.

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If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re pretty fast at answering any queries and can help you choose the right size:

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How To Measure for Jean Size

Place the garment flat on a surface and then complete all 8 stages to find your perfect jean size.

Stage 1: How to measure waist for jeans

We begin by buttoning up the jeans. We then lay the jeans flat, with the top waistband evenly flat on the back. We measure from one side to the other, keeping the jeans flat. Double the measurement to find your jeans waist size.

Stage 2: How To Measure Hips/Hip size

To measure the hips correctly, find the right point on the jean by measuring 3 inches or 7.5cm up from the crotch stitch. Then, measure from side to side flat across the jean at this point for your hip size.

Stage 3: Measuring the front rise

After we lay flat and measure from crotch seam to top of jean with top button fastened.

The front rise is an important jeans measurement that’s often overlooked!

Stage 4: Measuring the back rise

Then we measure from the crotch seam to the top of the back of the jean.

Stage 5: How To Measure Thighs

Next we lay the garment flat and measure from the crotch across to the outside of the leg.

Stage 6: Measuring the Knee

To measure where your knee should sit, we lay the jeans flat and measure 13” or 33cm from the crotch down the inside seam of the jean. 

From here, measure from one side of the jean to the other. 

Stage 7: Measuring the hem width/leg opening

Then with the jean flat, measure from one side of the leg opening to the other.

Of all the jeans measurements we take, the hem width can often have the most impact on the style and look of the jeans.

Note: with very heavy denim, 18oz and above, measure the entire circumference of the exterior of the hem using a measuring tape and divide by 2 for a more exact figure.

Stage 8: How to measure inseam or inside leg measurement

Finally, for the inside leg measurement, we lay the jean flat with the inseam at the centre. Following the inside seam, measure from the crotch to the end of the leg.

How to Measure For Trousers

Measuring for trousers or chinos involves the same process as taking jeans measurements. Repeat the steps above for all measurements, including your waist trousers measurement and inside leg measurement.

Then, cross reference this with the size guide featured on the product page for the trousers you’re interested in.

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Even if your measurements aren’t quite right, our vintage hemming service is available free of charge with all of our jeans. So our expert team can help you to customise your new jeans for the perfect fit. 

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How to Measure Shirt Size or T Shirt Measurements

Place the garment flat on a surface and buttoned or zipped up complete all 6 stages to find your shirt measurements.

Stage 1: Measuring your Chest size

Measure from pit to pit and double the reading.

Stage 2: Shirt Shoulder Measurements

Measure across the top from one shoulder seam to the other.

Stage 3: How to measure waist size for shirts

We measure the narrowest part of the garment, from outer seam to outer seam, between the pit and the opening. 

However, if the shirt has gussets, the waist will correspond to the opening measurement (see below).

Stage 4: Opening measurements (or how to measure shirt width)

Here we take a cross measurement from seam to seam at the bottom of the shirt.

Stage 5: How to measure shirt length

Measure from the top of the shoulder, by the collar, to the bottom of the garment.

Stage 6: How to measure shirt sleeve length

Measure from the top of the shoulder seam to the cuff’s edge.


Remember, once you’ve found your shirt measurements, our size guide is available on every product page - in inches or centimetres. 

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If you need any help with finding the perfect jeans, speak to a member of our team or visit us in store.