Pure Blue Japan

PBJ - the Pure Blue Japan group - represents one of those brands that has always ventured beyond certain comfort zones. Their experimental and revolutionary approach in terms of material and colour makes them one of the most outstanding Japanese brands. Their jeans are ranging from traditional to modern - and the indigo covers every shade from light natural to super extreme purple. Their denims are truly rare. Special single looms are calibrated especially for their production to create the slub on their signature 14 ounce denim which is used on the X005 and X013. Their jeans can be dressed up with their crispy rich blue denim and cool, understated "shoai" back pocket emblem. The symbol of the natural indigo leaf which inspires their entire collection. If you prefer to wear them hard, and trash a pair, fades don't get much better than this. If you are looking for slim and full of character denim - look no further. We also seriously admire the range of outerwear and shirts that are made by PBJ - to sum it up - we love what these guys make.