Selvedge Denim Jeans

We are proud to be the destination for raw selvedge denim of unsurpassed quality. All of the jeans we stock are crafted by designers, in the UK, USA, or at renowned Japanese denim brands. These brands are dedicated to quality and identify over speed of production.

Selvedge denim jeans are, at their core, unique. Every pair offers a nuanced difference and - thanks to our complimentary hemming service - an unparalleled fit. We hem selvedge jeans using our original 1950's Union Special Chainstitch machine, paying tribute to traditional denim manufacturing.

Working with selvedge denim designers from across the world, we embrace the high quality fabrics synonymous with Japanese jeans. The brands we work with incorporate the historic weaving techniques of Japan with the long-standing denim heritage of the USA. Our jeans originate from well-known Japanese denim brands, American craft houses, and some designers who proudly make jeans in the UK.

We stock blue and black selvedge denim jeans, alongside a range of high-quality trousers in a wider colour palette. Whether you're a selvedge denim connoisseur or looking to invest in your first pair of high-quality selvedge jeans, discover our collection of the very best jeans for men.