Mister Freedom

In the words of Mister Freedom founder and maestro, the brand is "based on an original script and story, playing with fictitious characters in a historical background, MFSC is not about reproductions or trends, but creates historically plausible original clothes that never existed but could have". Christophe Loiron, owner and designer of the brand, wholly creates his own wonderful garments based on the often wild, at times surreal, imaginations of his own mind. The clothes tell a story, a story he has scripted, which he invites you to be a part of. His deep love and understanding of vintage garments serve as reference points, but his designs are his own and totally unique. In 2006 Mister Freedom started a collaboration with Sugar Cane/Toyo Enterprises known as MFSC, where the designs are all by Christophe, but the fabrics are milled in Japan and the garments assembled both there and in the USA with an exemplary attention to detail.