Good Art Hlwyd

Good Art Hlywd is the iterative product of a game of aesthetic oneupmanship that founder and designer Josh Warner has been playing against himself for three decades. Working in only fine metals in proprietary alloys, Good Art Hlywd creates a range of metal goods (and precious stones) so punchy and road-tested that traditional categories like “jewellery” and “accessories” are simply not up to the task. Josh has marshaled top-of-the-line machines and knowhow traditionally reserved for only the finest European houses in service of a celebration of American ingenuity, gumption, and manufacturing ethos. The result is a brand manufactured entirely under one roof in Los Angeles that sets the bar in terms of both attitude and execution that very few brands, let alone artists, can ever clear. We are honoured to be the first dealer in Europe and we invite you to come to the store and find something perfect.