Our Story

At Rivet & Hide, we are dedicated to timeless style and unrivalled quality. We proudly celebrate the diversity of the brands with whom we work, and their shared dedication to their craft.

We began life as an online store in 2012, bringing classic style and craftsmanship into the 21st century. We opened our first bricks and mortar store in Central London in April 2014. From the heart of Fitzrovia we expanded our reach, opening our second location in early 2019, in Manchester’s iconic Northern Quarter.



Our Dedication to Quality: The Finest Selvedge Denim


Rivet & Hide is the destination for raw selvedge denim & casual wear of unsurpassed quality. We only sell what we can be proud to wear.

Selvedge denim harks back to a long lost focus on quality and identity over speed of production. At its essence, selvedge denim is unique and nuanced. The fabric’s superiority speaks for itself when you pull on your first pair of selvedge jeans.

We work with the best denim mills in Japan, the undisputed leaders in selvedge production. Their ability to weave fabrics of incredible beauty and depth of character is now legendary. Our garments stand out thanks to these mills’ intricate weaving techniques and commitment to unrivalled quality.



Our Timeless Styles: Built to Last & Age with Distinction


Our catalogue is inspired by vintage American looks and modern interpretations of classic styles. Every piece features assiduous attention to time-honoured construction details, Our garments are built to last and designed to age, fade and wear with distinction. 

We know that true style reaches beyond any single item of clothing. To this end, we offer a range of high-quality shirts, wallets and even eyewear to complement your denim. What’s more, our leather jackets and boots are of the finest quality that you can buy.

In clothing, footwear and accessories, our products represent an investment in timeless styles.



Materials that Tell a Story: From the World to Your Wardrobe 


In our store, we marry Japanese expertise with classic American styles and iconic British tailoring. The independent brands who we represent have inter-continental heritage, connected by a shared dedication to style and craftsmanship.

We travel far and wide to meet the people behind the production. Visiting designers and craftsmen across the world, we trace the stitch of every item we offer. 

Each trip teaches us a little bit more about the crucial details that differentiate our products. We absorb knowledge so that we can support and inform our discerning customers. From the irregular aspects of a shuttle-loomed fabric to the intricacies of indigo dyeing, our materials each have a story of their own.



Accessible Expertise


We’re committed to offering a boutique service. Whether you visit us online or in store we’ll guide you through our range of unique products and exclusive collaborations.

                                             At Rivet & Hide, we believe a friendly, personalised and unhurried approach leads to garments that you’ll love for a lifetime.