The Real McCoy's

The Real McCoy's

Hitoshi Tsujimoto founded The Real McCoy's in 2001, defining them by their accept-no-substitutes approach to repro Americana. The brand combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage menswear with an obsession for authenticity. The Real McCoy’s create faithful reproductions that not only honour their archival inspirations, but robustly and elegantly improve upon them. To do so, The Real McCoy’s lean on premium Japanese materials and a dedicated team of archivists and makers.

When original fabrics and hardware are not accessible, the brand crafts them in-house, to the highest quality and accuracy. Every fabric, pattern, and stitch creates the most meticulously constructed and infinitely wearable garments that money can buy. The Real McCoy’s clothing is truly timeless - informed by tradition and deftly elevated for modern style and utility.

The Real McCoy’s are, by turns, the genuine article and the industry gold standard. The brand is the first and last word in repro Americana. That’s why Rivet & Hide is proud to be one of the few stores in the UK to bring you a selection of The Real McCoy’s finest pieces.

Note: The Real McCoy’s collections are vast and we’ll be adding to ours periodically throughout the year and beyond. Anticipate iconic pieces from the brand - including The Real McCoy’s iconic Buco Leather Jackets.