Berry On the Drums

What do you do if your quest is for the ultimate in cotton jersey T shirts and Henley’s but nowhere quite comes up to scratch? Well, if you are the father & son team behind Berry on the Drums, then you go out and make your own, of course! Named after a member of their family, a renowned Jazz drummer through the ‘30s known for his uncompromising high standards, Berry make clothing of supreme comfort and shape. Woven on 1960’s traditional circular looms (drums) this method means the garments have no side seams and ensures no twisting of shape over time as is usual for cotton clothing. With an unswerving commitment to ecological sustainability, fair trade and low impact farming methods, BOTD use GMO free cotton from Tanzania for all their products. All the processes from the washing, dyeing up to and including the actual knitting of the fabrics and construction of the finished article are carried out within a 35-mile radius of each other in or around Zurich, Switzerland. So if your quest also happens to be classic cotton jerseys with a modern twist, providing a fresh beat and a perfect fit, then look no further.

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