Atelier Denagy

Atelier DeNagy (formerly Born + Bred) is a handmade leatherworks that operates from a small workshop down a tiny cobbled mews in Hove, Brighton, on the south coast of England. Paul De Nagy , a fan of 50’s surf and skate culture, began a few years ago by making a wallet with a chain for a friend and was soon inundated with requests for more. As well as the biker wallet whose design has been adapted exclusively for Rivet & Hide they make simple, stylish and practical leather goods that improve the older they get. The design and materials used on each item have been thoughtfully selected to ensure wear and age enrich their appeal to both the eye and the hand giving them “true soul and heritage”. Each piece is designed, cut, stitched and sewn by hand in house without the use of machines. They cut every piece of leather using hand held blades, and then marry up the pieces and stitch them using a waxed thread. Their leatherworks are finished depending on the piece, its use and the leather used. They generally burnish the leather and apply an edge treatment which not only looks great but also serves to protect the leather from the elements.